Mouse Tender 2.0 Coming SOON! !

Product reviews

Kent Oldknow (verified owner) – June 16, 2017

Works well, just need to be careful where you place your mouse so the light hits the movement.

K.W. – July 13, 2017

Thank you for the Mouse Tender, it really helps my carpal tunnel syndrome.

Allen L. – August 9, 2017

I’m a salaried sales rep who works from home. Having to log back in to my computer over and over again every time I took a phone call or went to the bathroom while I worked long hours had my nerves raw. The Mouse Tender made this issue go away! My Mouse Tender was a birthday gift from a caring friend and I was told it was delivered super fast. The quality of the product is excellent ! The pad itself is thick and sturdy. Please don’t let the low number of reviews keep you from buying this product. I would guess a lot of home workers buy this product and love it but don’t review it because they don’t want their company to know they are using it. I was told they come with or without the ergonomic wrist pad. Mine doesn’t have one and I prefer it that way. When this one wears out I will buy another one. I highly recommend this product!!