VERSION 3.0 of The Mouse Tender Available NOW.

What changes have been made?

A top to bottom redesign, to make the Mouse Tender more

durable top, Solid construction, Re-designed motion

simulator, (Still compatible with "Blue Track" technology).


When will the New Version be available?

Available NOW!  Limited time Free Shipping..


How does the Mouse Tender stop my computer from timing out?
It Jiggles the Mouse, and stop the VPN connection timeout, not your sleep setting.

Will the Mouse Tender work on my MAC PC?

Will the Mouse Tender work on my windows PC?

Will the Mouse Tender work with a mouse the uses “Blue Track” Technology?

Yes, the New 3.0 version is compatible.

Will the Mouse Tender Work on my Tablet?
Yes, but most tablets use a touch screen: if your tablet uses an optical mouse
then the Mouse Tender will work.

Will the Mouse Tender work on my UNIX PC?

Do I have to download / install any software?

How does the Mouse Tender work?
Simply place your optical mouse’s optical sensor over the Motion Simulator Circle.
(The optical sensor is a little hole in the bottom of your Optical mouse, if you look closely you can see a little camera lens inside). Some Optical mice are “Lighted” and have a blue or red light, that you can visually see with the naked eye.

Will the Mouse Tender cause me to click on something that I did not want to?
Unlikely, but it’s possible, just be sure to remove your mouse from the motion simulator circle while using your computer.

Why do I need the Mouse Tender, why not just set my computer, not to time out?
Most fortune 500 and 100 companies that issue corporate laptops or desktop computers, lock the admin rights so that “work from home employees can’t change any settings or download any software on their corporate computer.
In addition, the Mouse Tender will maintain your online presence, so no getting logged out of your VPN connection just because you had to step away from your computer for a quick minute. Sleep settings will not solve this problem.

How do I change the batteries?
NO Batteries in the 3.0 Version.

How long will the batteries last?
No batteries in the new 3.0 version.

Will the Mouse Tender work with “trackball” type mice?
NO, 90% of all mice are now “Optical Mice”. (You should upgrade your mouse).

What type of mouse will the Mouse Tender work with?
Any Optical mouse, “lighted or not”.

Can I turn the Mouse Tender off?
The 3.0 version has an "inline" On/Off switch.